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Some people think space can be a lonely and impersonal place, but not here at Space. We like to talk to people and find out what’s on their mind and what they might need help with. So give us a call or send us an email - anyone one of us - and let’s start a conversation.

If the choice of our Head Cases below is too much, then please contact 'Grace from Space' at grace@betterworkspace.co.uk or fill in our form:

Head Cases_

  • Tim Wadsworth

    Managing Director

    Tim has a passion. Tim has a dream. He can’t stop helping create stunning workspaces that let companies be the very best.

    The founder of Space loves his work and loves the South West.

    He honed his property skills across various business environments and has a depth of knowledge mixed with a clear understanding of what different people are looking for in a workspace move and transformation, meaning that he has an incredible track-record of not only delivering brilliant office and workspace designs for clients but saving them money too!

    This year’s midlife crisis revolves around triathlons and extreme swimming events.

  • David Balch

    Finance Director

    David finds real enjoyment in helping businesses and the people in them realise their full potential. At Space his focus is on operational excellence so that we can improve our customer experience and deliver more great Space to more people.

    Having never set out to be an accountant, David qualified as one 13 years ago and brings to Space heaps of experience from his time in both Accountancy Practice and more recently as a Group Finance Director to a fast growth owner-managed business in Somerset.

    David has a family with 3 small children so what spare time he does have is usually spent recovering.

  • Grace Platt

    Office Manager

    Enthusiasm and energy mixed with focus and attention to detail can only mean one thing. Grace is in the building.

    Grace is the dream Office Manager and ensures we stay true to our no nonsense, seamless way of working within Space. Often referred to as ‘Grace the Face of Space’, she is here to ensure our colleagues, suppliers and of course our clients are fully engaged.

    With a background in banking and finance, and a love of dancing the night away, Grace wields considerable influence within the corridors of power at Space. Incredibly organised in her work, she also bakes wonderful cakes.

  • Tanya Bala-Shaw

    Design Manager

    With a passion for design and pushing boundaries, discovering different styles and providing an eloquent answer to a design brief, say hello to Tanya, Space’s Design Manager.

    With 10 year’s experience in design, Tanya studied Interior Design at Birmingham City University and achieved a Distinction at Masters Level. Since then she has gone on to work for various companies, including Neolight Architectural Lighting Design and Jamieson Smith Associates.

    Confident, design-driven and highly skilled, Tanya can carefully craft a space that encompasses a client's vision.

    Outside of work, Tanya is often at the beach, camping on the moors or enjoying long walks with her dog Piper, especially if there's a pub lunch at the end of it.

  • Louise Fisher

    Aftercare Manager

    Service is one of Spaces most important values and Louise is here to help drive that value and bring it to life.

    With over 15 years in retail management, she has always strived to offer the best experience possible, always focusing on the client's needs and relishing the chance to rise to any challenge. Using past experiences to shape future goals, Louise brings a wealth of experience to the team. Friendly and approachable, Louise is always on hand to help find a solution.

    Never one to follow the crowd and currently sporting bright blue hair (space colours of course!) the rest of the team will never quite know what colour she’ll come to the office with next!

    Louise’s passions lie in the great outdoors and anything to do with adrenaline-inducing activities. She is also equally happy curled up with her dog Niffler at a cosy pub on Dartmoor, after a walk to justify that pint, of course!