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Exeter’s Future of the Workplace report is out and available for free download: http://bit.ly/FOTW_report

In this blog we’re focusing on one of the four key themes - the physical space.

Alongside case studies and top tips, the report includes a survey carried out with help from Exeter Chamber about businesses current workspaces. But what did we find…?

Is your office ready for the future?
30% of people in Exeter think their current workspace won’t be suitable for their needs in five years’ time. Whether that’s the space itself or its ability to accommodate new technology, existing office spaces could soon be ill-equipped for business demands.

Does this statistic make you worried for the future of your office?

Predictions for the future of the workplace:

  • An increase in open work space
  • Less time spent at a set-desk for set-hours
  • An increase in employee well-being initiatives

Three things we’ve learnt from businesses in Exeter:
Some companies are already demonstrating the value in developing their workspaces, citing improved recruitment and retention of staff and happier and more motivated employees. Lightfoot in 2018, and Oneserve, in 2019, won the Best Workspace Award, a reflection of the great work they are doing - which all stems from listening and working with their teams.

Here are three top tips for creating a workplace for the future:

1. Create places employees love, by asking them what they like - carry out your own mini survey in the workplace.
2. Make innovative use of the space you have available - Lightfoot have a design scheme that mimics the natural world which we love!
3. Have some fun choosing quirky features that make your office unique - why not put in table football like Crowdcube or a pool table like Pynes Hill Business Centre?

You can see all of this year’s Space Award winners and see what they are doing in their workplaces here: http://bit.ly/spaceawards

The next post will focus on how we work, and changes in remote working, flexible working and much more.

Get ahead of the game! Download the report to discover more about the changes to the 21st century workplace: http://bit.ly/FOTW_report