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The Future of the Workplace report highlights the increasing use of technology across all workplaces. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones are, unsurprisingly, the most used tech out there and other forms are on the rise.

Download your free copy of the report: http://bit.ly/FOTW_report

What tech is up and coming?

There are huge and fast paced developments happening in the world of tech. In Exeter workplaces tablets, video conferencing, webinars, electronic whiteboards, smart watches and mobile video calling are all on the rise! And, this is  just the start! Businesses must be prepared and ready to keep-up with the latest technology trends.

The real shock is that nearly a third of the Future of the Workspace survey respondents said that they are already not using the most suitable technology to aid their productivity. Yikes!

Top tips to upgrading your company’s tech

The evolution of tech is moving at a rapid rate and many businesses find it hard to keep up. The most important thing is that you have a plan, so that you don’t get left behind.

1. Do an audit on your current tech
2. Ask your employees how your current tech helps/hinders their work?
3. Use these insights to research relevant technology available to you
4. Make yourself a tech strategy
5. And set long-term technology-based business goals

Ensure your business is tech-savvy and read more about the future of technology in the workplace in the Future of the Workplace report. http://bit.ly/FOTW_report

Space are the workspace transformation experts. We increase productivity and employee wellbeing through collaborative working and creativity. Please contact Space to discuss your workplace. Thank you again to all of the companies that contributed towards the Future of the Workplace report. We hope that by working together we can continue to make Exeter a fantastic place to work.

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