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  • "This was a fast turnaround relocation. A brilliant brand, they were very clear about the need for a creative yet functional space that their people would love. I think we delivered."

    Tim Wadsworth, Space

  • "We really wanted to build and create a space for the whole team and the company that reflected the people that work here and the brand. Brilliantly Space have helped us achieve that. They were amazing throughout the process."

    Luke Lang, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Crowdcube

  • "We worked with Space right from the beginning. They’ve handheld us through the process. I’d never moved office before. No one in the company had. They were invaluable and vital in ensuring that smooth transition."

    Luke Lang, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Crowdcube

  • "It was a big operation, a big challenge for us to move. It all happened perfectly smoothly. Space made sure that the migration was seamless and our customers, the most important people, didn’t experience any disruption."

    Luke Lang, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Crowdcube

  • "I was taken aback. What they’ve done with the space is so nice and it really fits Crowdcube. It just feels right: the personality, the colours, the styling. It’s fun and really well done. It’s so right."

    Sara Palmer, Senior Equity Campaign Manager, Crowdcube

  • "It’s pretty awesome. I love the way they’ve made use of the light and space. I don’t think there’s many offices that would put over this much space to communal working and do it so effectively."

    Richard Eckley, Equity Campaigns Team Lead, Crowdcube

  • "They’ve made really interesting use of the space - the amount of natural light coming through. I love the way they’ve ‘chopped up’ the office and dedicated different spaces to different uses. It’s very easy to find workspace if you need to hide away or grab a meeting."

    Richard Eckley, Equity Campaigns Team Lead, Crowdcube

Find and secure a new office for the UK’s largest crowd funding company, Crowdcube, in Exeter. With a headcount of 60 and used to shared space and serviced offices, the brand wanted an office they could ‘call their own’.

This was an awesome project where our designers worked in partnership with a young creative client who always want to push the boundaries. The Space team were honoured and excited to be working on an emotionally rewarding and exciting project.


  • Negotiating great terms at Broadwalk House, Southernhay, when it was the only game in town.
  • Pressure from the existing landlord to vacate early so Crowdcube had to ‘camp’ in an adjoining suite during the fit out period.
  • The client adamant that a traditional suspended ceiling was not acceptable. Delivering a new, Building Control compliant ceiling at a higher level with exposed services and exposed structural beams.

Outcome highlights:

  • Could this be the coolest office in Exeter?
  • Hitting the target to create an office that provided a blend of comfort, play and professional workspace.
  • Formal meeting rooms, cosy corners, creative spaces, full kitchen, showers.
  • A merger of office space and homely feel.


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