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  • "We have a fantastic relationship with Good Growth, working with them at various points in the transformation of their workspace - a wonderful project to be involved with."

    Tim Wadsworth, Space

  • “People love it. We’re a creative brand so having a bright and colourful space to work in is fantastic. There are practical benefits, in terms of dividing up different areas, the meeting pod which we love, and sound-proofing, but it also creates a wonderful aesthetic.”

    CEO, Good Growth

  • "We built it space for future growth, retained the open plan layout but added specialist acoustic separation. Improved sound-proofing for the boardroom and a meeting pod at the heart of the space completed the project."

    Grace Robinson, Space

  • "We went for these really cool acoustic dividers by Buzzifalls. They’re playful and work brilliantly at solving sound challenges and in creating vibrant smaller spaces for teams."

    Hazel Shute, Space

An existing Space client who relocated their office from Renslade House to Keble House Southernhay Gardens in Exeter.

Good Growth moved to Keble House, which was built in the 1980s, and initially undertook just minimal work. They wanted to spend some time ‘living’ in the office first, before deciding how they wanted to create their perfect space.

We then worked with Good Growth to prepare fresh plans to allow for future growth.

The solution included

  • Enhanced sound proofing for the boardroom
  • Office area would remain open plan but needed effective and attractive acoustic separation.
  • A new meeting pod installed in the centre of the office - useful space but also a cool feature.