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Move With Space

  • "Space gave us complete peace of mind throughout what was a challenging transition of two traditional offices to a single location. The new offices opened without a single day’s disruption to business."

    Justin Hopkins, Partner & Head of Commercial, Mogers

We help businesses move. We take away the hassle and transform what can be a daunting project into an opportunity for you and your teams.

Whether you are ready to move because your business has changed or grown, or face a lease expiry or other ‘external factors’, Space are here to help turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Organising an office move can typically be a 3-6 month full-time job if you do it yourself. So, it makes sense to call in the experts. It’s a win win! You not only get a seamless move and fantastic new workspace, but all the while you can get on with doing what you do best - running your business.

Space offer a five step, flexible move service, where we can support you across the full or some of the move process - you choose.


Find & Secure

Finding suitable office space can be a big task, particularly when options are limited. Negotiating the deal can be tough. At Space we have over 18 years of experience and a wealth of property contacts across the whole of the South West of England and beyond.


Your space has to be right for you. We consult and listen to you and your team, to make sure your new space is ideal for what your organisation needs. Our project managers use a range of recognised methodologies and our design team ensure wellbeing, work flows, productivity and IT infrastructure are all central to the design process.

We also understand the effect moving can have on people. That’s why we run a change management system that includes engagement with employees and a clear communications plan from the start of the project, to ensure a smooth transition and great outcomes.


Your space is developed to meet the needs of your specific business. It’s part of your brand and who you are. We work with our team of trusted suppliers to create and fit out a perfect new space for you.

The layout of desks, meeting rooms and breakout areas, reception areas are all key elements, as we consider how people work to ensure maximum productivity and well-being. Maximising space, lighting, IT access and all the other considerations - we cover it all.


We guarantee we can move all our clients in a single weekend. Leave on the Friday and arrive at your transformed workspace on a Monday morning - with milk ready in the fridge! Our team will take care of everything.


Our client services team can take care of all the everyday office maintenance, keeping your space performing at its very best. As your project nears completion, our in-house client services team comes on board, offering a smooth transition into your new office, monitoring how the space is performing and carrying out any needed tweaks.

Choosing a maintenance team that knows your office inside-out means you can be sure that all the finer details are under control whilst keeping your overall business goals in mind. Our services are designed to reduce your overall costs through preventative maintenance, with a wide range of after care services available when you need them.

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